September 27, 2012

September 2012: The Clan of the Cave Bear

Chari:  I enjoyed the book and the author's interpretation of history through the eyes of a cro-magnon family. Different and fun using imagination. I read the sequel, valley of the horses, and liked it even better.

Jill:  Couldn't get past 50 pages on this one.  Wasn't interested in the characters at all and didn't want to commit to the next 450+ pages.

Amanda:  Very long, but very intersesting.  Its fascinating to see how far women have come...ha ha ha!

Becca:  I enjoyed the historical fiction aspect of the book but can't say this was a "page turner" for me. Decent read--now I want to re-watch the movie.

Stephanie:  Interesting subject matter, entertaining story, so-so writing.....glad to have read it, though, and would like the read the rest of the series!

Holly:  A commitment of a book, interesting, and it made me crave beef jerky.

Aday:  Life is too short for a book this boring.

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