January 22, 2013

January 2013: Gone Girl

Jenn:  Really well executed story told in an infuriatingly interesting way. Can't wait for the movie to see if they change the maddening ending. Loved it.

Amanda:  This book really, really surprised me.  I was completely under the spell of our "heroine".....and then WHAM!  Shocker, truly.

Aday:  Slow start, clever finish.

Becca:  Gone Girl was cleverly written with interesting twists and turns, but I felt robbed at the end. It's not that I expected a happy ending, just one that was as creatively written as the rest of the book.

Kerry:  I read this book in a day, it was a great read and fast-paced.  My only criticism is that the characters were horrible people!

Mary:  I enjoyed this book for the most part-especially the big "twist" in the middle.  But the ending was kind of disappointing and didn't really make sense to me.  Overall, pretty good, girl.