August 29, 2014

Kerry:  While I may not have thought that the story was completely believable (would these two really have fallen for each other?), the book made me think about end of life decisions and how you choose joy in your life.  I would recommend this book. 

Amanda:  Read a little like a modern day romance novel.  I was not especially fond of the characters--especially the protagonist.  It was hard for me to identify with her.  However the story itself was complex and rich.

Jerilyn:   Captivating read around 2 people with extremely different lifestyles and situations that was at times not 100% believable.  Good read, though.

Mary:  Really enjoyed this one--every character was so well played--even the minor ones like the boyfriend--hilarious.   I'm curious how this movie will be....

June 2014: Z

Jerilyn:  An interesting view into an unexpected extremely tumultuous relationship ranging from deep, unbridled love to fear and extreme anger.  It was hard for me to relate to that type of personality at times, but very good description of their lifestyle and circumstances.

Mary:  I loved loved loved this book.  Poor Zelda!  The character development was awesome and it was a fun era to read about.

Amanda:  I love history and found this book really fascinating.  The intertwining with Hemingway was especially interesting. Zelda was truly a selfish woman and F. Scott? I am so tired of the 'tortured artist' complaining about how hard it is to, famous and brilliant.  Yeah.  Must be a real drag :(

May 2014: Cried for No One

April 2014: Come to the Edge

Amanda:  Haag's intimate portrayal of her relationship with John John is a little trite.  It's just so one-sided that I am not sure what to believe and what was embellished for the reader.  Just okay.

Mary:  I found it irritating and interesting all at once.  The writing was terrible but I did like the glimpses into the Kennedy world.  The kayak trip was the best part.

August 26, 2014

March 2014: Someone

Amanda:  Meh

Rebecca:  It has been a while since I read it, but even if I finished it yesterday, I don't think it would have made much of an impression. A bit long winded and pointless in my opinion.

Aday:  Too bored to finish.