November 21, 2011

November 2011: I'd Know You Anywhere

Mary: I thought this one was pretty good--not life changing or anything but lots to think about and discuss (good for a bookclub). I had a hard time putting it down and these days that's pretty difficult to find!!!

Chari: Really enjoyed the book and thought an interesting read. Liked the protagonist even though disagreed with her at times. The author made me question my position on the death penalty.

Holly: Not the most compelling read, but very interesting.

Becca: A quick, easy read with an interesting story line and intriguing characters.

Kerry: I did not like this book. I found the characters to be unbelievable & felt like the book needed some heavy editing. I wished that the relationship with the sister had been developed more.

Jen S.: Fast read. Definitely felt like an episode of CSI.

Stephanie: Good, easy read - nothing life changing but a simple enjoyable book! I liked it!

Aday: This book didn't make me want to jump for joy or stab my eyes out, it was just OK.

November 1, 2011

October 2011: The Lonely Polygamist

Kerry: I enjoyed reading this book, I really felt sorry for the polygamist and angry at the wives. Then I felt mad at myself that I had sympathy for the polygamist!

Holly: Interesting, but not much plot.

Aday: Holly told me to stop reading, so I did.