May 23, 2012

May 2012: A Reliable Wife

Jen S.:  Slow start... and an annoyingly horny dude.

Amanda:  Thought it was pretty good--juicy and full of intrigue. 

Aday:   This was a fast read, but ultimately made up of characters with little substance, and an unrealistic plot.

Stephanie:  Not the best book I have ever read but entertaining enough.  I did appreciate the way the author switched back and forth between narrative voices from the different characters smoothly and without it being distracting - that is hard to do!

Chari:  I really enjoyed this book and the big twist. I liked the writing style/pace and even found redeeming qualities in each main character. Thought the time period was interesting, too.

Kerry:  I did enjoy this book, I thought that it could have been better edited because it seemed to go on at some places, but overall it was an interesting read.  I am glad that I do not live where it is that cold! It made me think about life and when it is worth fighting for as well as being an interesting love story.

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