February 3, 2012

January 2012: These is My Words

Becca: Loved this book! I enjoyed the the author's perspective on a time period I knew little about. Definitely worth the read.

Chari: I loved the book! Really enjoyed the writing style and Sara's character. I never would have selected to read about a pioneer woman on my own but so glad we did. This book is on my top ten favorite list of all time.

Stephanie: These is My Words was a great read! Very enjoyable and good historical fiction about a time in history I don't read much about. Loved the characters!

Kerry: I loved this book, the writer has a wonderful way of making her characters come alive. I was inspired by the heroine and loved the story.

Very good historical fiction.

Aday: I am so sad to have finished this book. "These is My Words" is everything a great book should be: beautifully written, funny, heartbreaking, and great from the first page to the last, from one sentence to the next. Definitely made my 10 all-time favorite list, and is one of those rare books that I might read again.

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