September 19, 2011

September 2011: Sarah's Key

Mary: Once I came to terms with my own shock and sadness at the cupboard/Vel d'Hiv story I really enjoyed this book. I think I've decided that I like books with back-and-forth chapters. Would recommend.

Holly: Gut wrenching at first, but great historical story.

Chari: Loved Sarah's Key and learning about the round up in Paris. I was devastated by how the Jewish children were affected and by the lack of help from their fellow Parisians. The writing style was excellent and kept me wanting more. Highly recommend this book.

Aday: Sarah's story is powerful and heart-breaking, and I wish more of the book would have been told from her POV. The journalist's narrative paled in comparison.

Sowders: Such a tragic story, yet the book propels you forward with the mystery of Sarah's life and those she impacted.

Jerilyn: Excellent historical fiction in Sarah's Key focusing on an event that I knew little about. The book kept me reading and wanting to know more as opposed to me keeping me reading. Definitely recommend.

Becca: Very well written account of a terrible time in history. If you can handle an incredibly sad story, then it is worth reading.

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