July 13, 2011

June 2011: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Becca: I enjoyed this book more than I expected. It's written on a premise that could be really cheesy, but wasn't at all. It was sad, poignant, funny, and definitely worth the read.

Mary: This book was so good--sweet, well-written, good plot, good characters.

Holly: Tearjerker.

Kerry: A great book, easy to read & definitely plays on your emotions.

Amanda: This book was really sweet. I loved seeing things through a doggie's eyes!

Aday: I read most of this book on my iphone during night feedings with my newborn. I can remember actually being excited to get up and read it...at 3am! I am not a dog owner, and definitely don't think you need to be one to be touched by this sweet, sweet story.

Sowders: A story of fighting for what's right, no matter how difficult.

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